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There is more to do in and around Ramallah than most people think. For an up-to-date listing, check the webpage for This Week in Palestine, a monthly publication. Also, Palestinian businesses such as restaurants and other organisations involved in tourism tend to prefer using Palloci and Facebook to communicate and update their audience, so this is also a good place to check out what’s going on.

Hiking / Walking Walking is growing in popularity with visitors and locals alike, and there are several options to choose from on most weekends. Note that because of Ramadan and the hot weather, walking in July / August is less desirable (though still possible of course!). Walkers can either join one of several groups, or walk on their own. A popular resource for walking is the Walking Palestine website and associated book.

Cultural / Political Guided Walks Guided walks are another popular activity, which take place not so much in nature but along key political and cultural sites.

Green Olive Tours run several guided walks per week from Ramallah and East Jerusalem

Visitors can also enquire at their hotel / hostel, as some of them organise walks as well.

Many international visitors to Ramallah come to get taxi rides to see the protests in the neighbouring villages (like Dair Nitham,  Nabi Saleh and the world famous Bil’in protests) against the Israeli built security fence.

Rock Climbing Yes, it is even possible to go rock climbing in Palestine. The friendly staff at Wadi Climbing organise several trips per week.

Going out The city’s active nightlife and its relatively liberal culture makes it a hot destination for visitors from other cities including Jersualem during the weeknights and weekends. There are many evening activities usually associated with metropolitan cities including Salsa evenings, Jazz nights, Live music, literature readings, and more.

Other While there, it is easy to make small talk with the locals. Unless you are firmly anti-Israeli occupation, it is advisable that you do more listening than actual talking yourself, however. For the most part, Palestinians are glad to share their problems and plight with any western visitors. However, do not force any topic.

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